Meet our talented artists who are helping to bring our incredible saltwater ecosystems above the waves

Each of our designs is inspired by marine life.

Despite covering over two-thirds of the world's surface area, much of our oceans remain unseen. We created our designs so that ocean lovers all over the world can help us bring these amazing underwater ecosystems above the waves, inspiring others and sparking important conversations.

By using art as a powerful communicator, we hope to keep ocean conservation top of mind.

The artist behind our whale shark & turtle sustainable change poncho and beach towel
Leah Ramage of Leah's Mark Illustration

Leah Ramage, an artist and designer based in Sydney, creates her work with inspiration from nature and love.

Leah's art blends design with education, highlighting the simple beauty of nature and the ocean, while also promoting animal and environmental sustainability.

The goal of Leah's Mark is to make a positive difference in the world and leave it better than we found it. Leah calls this "ART FOR PURPOSE.”

Picture of Leah watercolour artist of whale shark and turtle design
Manta Ray Watercolour Artwork and Artist picture
The artist behind our manta ray sustainable change poncho and beach towel
Becky Evers: Art for conservation

Becky is a dive instructor and underwater photographer with a passion for the ocean, She draws her inspiration from personal experiences underwater and brings them to life through illustrations and watercolours.

Becky's philosophy is that a positive social connection with the ocean is key to conserving it, she hopes to inspire ocean conservation through creating engaging content, art and photography.

Our sustainability mission

Using our designs to inspire and spark conversation is linked to our overall mission of conserving our oceans and keeping them free of plastic. You can find our more about our sustainability mission here.