Our Mission

Made for ocean lovers, by ocean lovers

Ocean Armour was inspired by our own travels and scuba dive adventures. Seeing the impacts of climate change first hand, we set out on a mission to find eco alternatives to reduce our footprint on the planet.

After finding many exciting eco-products and brands, there was one product we couldn't find - our much loved hooded change ponchos!

What began as a personal search transformed into Ocean Armour. It was important to us that anything we created was made with our footprint in mind, practical and stylish. 

Made with our footprint in mind


Our eco ponchos and travel towels are made using 100% recycled fabrics. We use Recycled Polyester (rPET). It's produced by recycling existing materials, like plastic bottles and packaging, broken down and then spun into fibre to create a more sustainable alternative. 

For every eco poncho we make, approx. 35 single-use plastic bottles are recycled, and approx. 20 for each of our travel towels. Every purchase helps re-use waste instead of creating it! 


Our recycled fabric doesn't only reuse waste instead of creating it, our carbon footprint is also reduced! Recycled polyester (rPET) uses 75% less energy & water to create compared to virgin polyester. 

 Play while protecting our marine world 


As ocean lovers, we are driven to protect our amazing underwater world. Donating 10% of profits to Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef allows us to contribute to preserving it for generations to come.