marine inspired adult hooded towels

Our Adult Hooded Towels

Get changed anywhere with our adult hooded towels. They combine our sustainably made, quick-drying, absorbent towel material into a 2-in-1 hooded changing towel, giving you the perfect practical and sustainable towel


We've created our Adult Hooded Changing Towels to be equally practical & sustainable.

☀️ QUICK - DRYING: 3x faster than regular towels
💧 ABSORBENT: Drying you more quickly
♻️ SUSTAINABLY MADE: from 100% recycled single-use plastic
👙 LARGE ENOUGH TO CHANGE UNDER: Making changing out of bathers & wetsuits a breeze on beaches & busy dive boats
🌺 ANTIMICROBIAL: Less washing for you, and no damp odour


Our Adult Hooded Towels come in 2 sizes! We originally set out to create just one size, but quickly realise that we all come in all shapes & heights.

Of course, always factor in that they are designed to be oversized - large enough to change under.


Our adult hooded towels are made from our quick-drying towel fabric. Sustainably made from single-use, recycled plastic bottles, every poncho helps reduce plastic waste.

Want to find ou more about how we turn single-use plastic into our unique 100% recycled  waffle weave material? 

Marine Inspired Changing

All our adult hooded towels feature designs inspired by marine life found on the Great Barrier Reef. As divers, we’re passionate about our oceans and our goal is to bring our amazing underwater world above the waves to inspire, spark conversation, and keep conservation top of mind.

Find out more about the amazingly talented artists behind our designs.

Each of our adult hooded towels gives back! We donate 10% profits to marine conservation to protect marine life for generations to come. 

Every one of our adult hooded towel gives back