Meet your ultimate surf companion: The surf poncho

Our eco-friendly surf ponchos for effortless beach changing! Our quick-drying, absorbent surf ponchos let you change anywhere with ease, and dry off fast. Made from recycled single-use plastic bottles, you'll feel cosy post-surf with the feel-good factor of helping the planet.

Practicality meets sustainability

We've created our Surf Ponchos to be as practical as they are sustainable!

☀️ QUICK - DRYING: 3x faster than regular towels
💧 ABSORBENT: Dry off quickly after every surf session
♻️ SUSTAINABLY MADE: each surf poncho is made from 35 single-use plastic bottles
👙 EASY CHANGING: Large enough to change out of bathers or wetsuits with ease
🌺 ANTIMICROBIAL: Less washing for you, and no damp odour


Our Surf Ponchos come in 2 sizes! Originally we set out to create one size, but we quickly realised that we're all different heights and sizes.

When you’re figuring out what size is right for you, remember they’re designed to be large enough to change under! We recommend using your height to choose the right size for you.


How do we turn single-use plastic bottles into quick-drying, super absorbent surf ponchos? Find out more about how we weave our unique towel material!


Our surf ponchos are inspired by our oceans, and feature marine life we love. Created by Australian artists who also love our oceans, every design bring our amazing underwater worlds above the waves, and celebrate our amazing Australian ocean. 

Find out more about our ocean artists. 

We give back

Each surf poncho not only helps save plastic pollution from our oceans, we also donate 10% profits to marine conservation projects.

Every one of our adult hooded towel gives back