Introducing Ocean Armour - Our Story of creating our Adult changing ponchos & sand-free beach towels

Welcome to our first blog post! We want to share our journey of creating Ocean Armour and our mission to keep our oceans plastic-free.

We’re a team of passionate scuba divers living and working on the Great Barrier Reef. Having spent several years diving around the world, and the Great Barrier Reef, we have witnessed the effects of climate change and plastic pollution in our oceans.

We were driven to do something about it, to make a positive contribution. 

Our sustainability journey

And so, we started to transition to sustainable options to make our travels and diving adventures more environmentally friendly. However, we couldn’t find a sustainable and practical option for our changing ponchos, something we used on just about every dive. The existing options were bulky and didn’t dry properly, leaving us with damp, smelly towels that took up too much space.

And so, we set out to switch to sustainable options, where possible. Making our travels and diving adventures more sustainable.
After lots of searching, we couldn’t find a sustainable & practical option for our beloved changing poncho. We used them on every dive, perfect to get changed out of wetsuits and bathers, and dry off on busy dive boats or at the beach. Every option we found was bulky, and failed to dry properly. We were tired of carrying around damp, smelly towels that took up so much space.

During our search, we discovered the environmental impacts of the materials used in conventional changing ponchos and beach towels, such as cotton and man-made polyester. Like us, you may also not know the impacts, and you can find out a bit more on our sustainability page here. Shocked by the extent of these impacts, we decided to seek out our own sustainable solution.

Ocean Armour was born! Sustainably-made changing ponchos & travel towels made for ocean lovers, by ocean lovers!

After months of searching, testing and research, we were thrilled to find our unique, 100% recycled waffle weave fabric that ticked all our requirements. 

Our waffle weave fabric is kinder to our planet: 

  • We transform single-use plastic into our fabric, giving a second life to plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in our landfills or oceans. 
  • Our process of creating recycled polyester requires 70% less energy, 90% less water, and has an 80% lower carbon footprint compared to virgin polyester

The same great practical benefits, but kinder to our planet!

It’s not only sustainable, but also practical:

  • Quick-drying: It dries 3 times faster than regular towel material
  • Lightwight & Compact: It folds to less than half the size of regular towels, making it perfect for travel
  • Sand-free: The waffle weave allows fans to be easily shaken off, keeping it at the beach where it belongs. It also prevents leaves, twigs and dirt from sticking. 
  • Antimicrobial: Our fabric is woven with antimicrobial properties, reducing damp odours and the need for frequent washing.

We have thoroughly tested our towels during ocean adventures and travel, ensuring they live up to their features.

Protecting Marine Playgrounds for Generations to come.

While prioritising the environmental friendliness and practicality of our towels, we also wanted to take immediate action. Through our designs we showcase and celebrate underwater ecosystems, partnering with local Australian artists. We hope to inspire conversation and raise awareness about conservation.

How we give back!

We donate 10% of our profits to marine conservation projects on the Great Barrier Reef. Our Manta Ray sustainable ponchos and beach towels support the Manta Trust’s global research and conservation efforts, while our Whale Shark and Turtle sustainable ponchos and beach towels contribute to Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef’s people-powered conservation initiatives.

Thinking to the future

We know that sustainability isn’t perfect, but we believe that together we can make everyday choices, to ensure that collectively we can make a difference.
We are committed to continuously improving our sustainability impact and reducing our footprint on the planet.

By choosing Ocean Armour, you join us in our mission to protect our oceans and marine life. Together, we can make positive waves of change for our oceans and planet. 

Come join us @Ocean.Armour or reach out to us with any questions at We love to hear from you!